It must be said that Kiko began her life in the Noland household of Kīhei. Over time she came under the care of Calvin Kuamo'o, a wandering "kanaka maoli,"
who held Kiko in his care until 2013.
That was the year she came into my life.

It was a few months after Hanu, my first canine companion, died from seizures. Hanu was among the pups in Kiko's second litter.

When Kiko came into my life, I promised Hanu I would take care of his mom. In some ways, I feel that I broke my promise when I wonder if I could have done anything sooner to prevent her illness and death.

But as I look over the photo gallery that Lloyd Nebres has put together, I realize Kiko lived a good and long life and touched the hearts of many and stole the hearts of others into her keeping, including my own.

So who was Kiko? Take a look and see!

~ Kahu Kealahou Alika

Editor's note:

There are 2 ways to navigate through the photo gallery:
(1) the maroon arrows on the right and left sides of the images and
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And here's the link to Kahu's sermon on the first Sunday
after Kiko died, May 19, 2019, which was delivered at Keawala'i
by Kahu Danette Kong: "What would I say?".

~ L. Nebres